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Haspa Marathon Hamburg 2021

Sports massages for the participants of the HASPA Marathon Hamburg 2021

Once again this year, it is a special pleasure for me to be able to offer my mobile massage service to the participants of the HASPA Marathon Hamburg.

My sports and regeneration massages can make a valuable contribution to optimising your performance and thus your success by loosening up and increasing blood flow to the muscles, both in preparation for the competition and during regeneration after the competition. No matter whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur. Sarah Piampiano (world-class triathlete from the USA and multiple winner of various Iron Man competitions), Jodie Stimpson (world-class triathlete with the British national team and world champion in the mixed relay for Great Britain) and Karim Lotfy (former world-class high jumper), athletes I have coached in recent years, know this.

If you would also like to optimise your athletic performance with my massages, I look forward to hearing from you.